Never have I ever…

Hmm... So, standing outside under a cloudy sky, late on a Saturday night šŸŒƒ , we kinda huddled near the street, sparsely scattered with cars. Bitter-sweet moments, all fading away in clouds of cigarette smoke šŸš¬.. The quiet streets echoed with a dissonant tune of a heated car horn battle between two šŸš— Ā irrational šŸš™competitors,... Continue Reading →

The Block

Okay.... I haven't posted in a while I'm sorry. šŸ™šŸ¾ But my reasons are valid! (Much like my dreams. Thanks Lupita! šŸ˜‚ ) 1. School. šŸ™„ Okay...I can't really blame everything on that. But, as the new semester rolls in, so does a fresh wave of anxiety, angst and absolute confusion. Especially when it feels... Continue Reading →

Scared of Lonely…

It's a beautiful day, and I woke up feeling lovely. Hope you did too. Tomorrow, I return to the frozen tundra that is Minnesota. I've seen countless snaps and let's just say I'm not ready to become an icicle once I leave the airport. But if Google serves me right, I'll be dealing with more... Continue Reading →


So the holidays went by in a blur...literally (if you can remember the holiday weekend as clear as day, kudos to you), and the new year rang in with a flurry of fireworks, rib-aching laughter, and a banging headache that leaves you bedridden the whole day. Yup. That sounds about right. And now we have... Continue Reading →

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