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šŸŽŠHappy New Year!!!šŸŽ‰ Okay, so it's 2018. After thinking the world would end in 2012 (lolšŸ˜‚) and living through all the conspiracies, we made it! Next goal is 2020, which is in 2 years! Yeah we don't have flying cars and the future the movies show us is still yet to come, but we've come... Continue Reading →


The Confessions of a Self-diagnosed Insomniac…

It's been an interesting set of days.. my weekend was as up and down as the weather that graces Saint Paul. First, it's sunny and warm, ā˜€ļø then foggy and grey ā˜ļø but suddenly lo and behold the heavens open and it's raining ā˜”ļø.Ā But the worst is the wind!šŸŒ¬ So unforgiving sometimes... However, yesterday was... Continue Reading →

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