20 😬 Is it too late to “take backsies”?

It’s my birthday 🎉  yeah yeah whoop-de-do! And I embraced in this new age by lying in my bed, cuddling my stuffed 🦄  Mallow, and watching anime on my phone.

Yes, I’m now 20… going on 5.😝

But like, do people even #birthday anymore? Lying there contemplating my life, a part of me just feels truly grateful and blessed. It’s sad how sometimes you just don’t appreciate it that much, you know? Life. That is. Especially waking up to the tragic news about the attack in Manchester.

I want to send out my sincerest condolences to those affected by the tragic event in Manchester. Sending all love ❤️ and positive vibes, and keeping you in my prayers 🙏🏾 

And reading Bob Lefsetz recent post on The Lefsetz Letter. He wrote something that really resonated with me.

“We don’t blink, We go on.”

*You can check out the post by following the link above or here.

Each year as I moving forward and get older, I realize you don’t know what’s going to happen. You can’t control everything and the fleeting, simple moments that seem the most insignificant, are probably what you will look back at as you keep growing.

Well, I do. I don’t particularly care for some of the fickle things I wanted or craved or drove me insane. I don’t have the same priorities, goals, and dreams. I don’t think as unrealistically as I used to. I’m learning as I go, and that’s okay. I know what I want, where I’m going, although how I’ll get there I don’t know. And that’s okay!! But most of all, I would like to be content and happy.

You’re  probably like, okay? 🎶 What do you mean? 🎶

What’s that?  How’s that?  How you going to achieve that? WHAT IS HAPPINESS EVEN??Oh, wait… that’s just me. lol, 🎉 internal battles. 🎉

But walevvvaaa. I’ll figure it out. I’m just glad to be home for it all, so imma throwback it back a bit #reminiscing 💜

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“She’s got tickets…”

So.. First off! Heh! Just guess what ya girl’s doing tonight? 😝

So at about 3 AM, through squinted eyes 💀 , as the dim light of laptop searing and burning my precious orbs; the angels 🙌🏾  sang from the heavens in the form of an email, from none other than Sue Breeezzzzzy!! And the show? *drrrrrruuummm rrooolllllll annnddd crash! 🥁maxresdefault

Dangerous Woman Tour

Opening acts by:
Victoria Monet
Little Mix

Xcel Energy Centre
Saint Paul, MN

I feel I should explain. 🤗
One thing I’ve really come to love about going to a music college is this…

Once in a while, if you’re favourite artist’s in town, or a show where there were probs tickets left over – and you want to go, but have no means? There is always promise.🙏🏾

The emails usually pop up, quite nonchalantly – with the show’s artwork and some details about it. AND… ☠️ the unsettling feeling ☠️ of the next possible Hunger Games 🔪 . #NoJoke It’s like if you threw a steak at a bunch of starving dogs, deprived of social whims due to the inevitable black hole that is their gut..or wallet… (So basicallyme.) I may have.. diverted a little. HE! Aki though! Have you ever responded to an email so fast and then realised, they won’t see it till later? 🤣  That disappointment jo…but;

Here’s a valid list of reasons to go:

  1. It’s f*ckin’ 👏🏾  SPRING 👏🏾  BREAK! 👏🏾
    (I just keep saying this hoping it will give it some meaning #smh🙃)
  2. Ariana Grande 🙌🏾
  3. I’m going to be doing something… 🤔
  4. Ariana Grande LIVE!? 😳
  5. I get to go with Smithy… 😆 #TurnUp
  6. Um… f*ckin’ ARIANA GRANDE! 😶  😳  😵  😫  😝 😆 🤣  😂  😄

Okay. I’m good.  😎

Personally, I think she’s great.  Like, the girl can SING! I love her vocal techniques, maybe not all but girls got the runs. LOL! I mean she’s got some amazing runs. (those vocal thingies singers do with oooOOOoohhhh aaAAAaAhhhh shiii-) But she’s got a really strong set of pipes, HER RANGE! ugh! So beautiful I can’t. (so jealous.. can you steal someone’s vocal chords? I’d honestly go all Ursula on the girl!! #OneTime) And I’ve seen a bunch of videos of her live and she seems to have a good stage presence, good technique. I love watching other musicians/artists on stage!  Because as a musician myself, it’s like a learning experience as well as a performance by an artist I like. Talk about a #WinWin? 🏆

I enjoyed some of the music from her first few albums, songs like “Honeymoon avenue” ,“Right Here” ft. Big Sean from her 1st studio album, “Yours Truly”;,  and “Only 1”, and of course who can forget “Bang Bang” ft. Jessi J & Nicki Minaj 💜  from her 2nd, “My Everything” – just to name a few, will always be personal favourites of mine because they just sounded kinda retro and old skool 👾 . Her earlier music was nice and jammable, even though it had a bubble-gum processed feel to it. This can be argued however because that is what was more popular. Don’t tell me you never jammed to “The Way” ft. Mac Miller. #GuiltyPleasure!! Although , I love what she did with 😈  “Dangerous Woman”💃🏾. !!
The single itself (oh that acapella version! #dead 👻 ), and the ALBUM!!🔥 🔥, in my opinion, #litty! So, she’s had some not-so-great hits but she’s also put out some chart-topping chunezz. Yeah Yeah! So she sounded a little Mariah in the beginning… but you know.. we could be #petty and bring up incidences…😂 . Plus, I do feel like her sound has matured and has a different sound and vibe going of late. I dig it.🤘🏾

She’s also come from far…From those nickelodeon days that she honestly looks so #whitewashed, and now she seems more comfortable in her skin! 💃🏾 She’s slaying! 👸🏾 !
She’s a f*ckin’ bombshell AF! 💁🏾  A woman forging a path and creating a career for herself and staying STRONG💪🏾 ,being a total BOSS 💰 , and looking GREAT 👠  doing it – in an industry that can be so cruel, especially to women.

👏🏾   YES! 👏🏾    BOO!  👏🏾   DO  👏🏾   YOU!! 👏🏾

Anyway…super STOKED! I did/am doing a cover of “Side to Side” by Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj, that I will be releasing, although but there is a twist to it! So that’s my plan for the day. Then, just picking up my tix, and doing laundry! #Ugh! 🙄  Be sure to FOLLOW my socials below to catch that and the rest of my day! Let’s just see how it goes…🤷🏾‍♀️.

Oh but, remember darlings… 😉

                                                               “All the best things in life are free” 
– Luther Vandross.

Ennaira 💜  🙈

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