☔️”It’s raining, it’s pouring…”🌧

"...the old man is snoring, he went to bed, and bumped his head! And couldn't wake up in the morning..." Remember that nursery rhyme? That and, "Rain rain go away, come again another day, Little children want to play..." Ahh...the good ol' days! 🤔  Tee hee! 🙈 I say that like I've lived for ages... but... Continue Reading →


The Confessions of a Self-diagnosed Insomniac…

It's been an interesting set of days.. my weekend was as up and down as the weather that graces Saint Paul. First, it's sunny and warm, ☀️ then foggy and grey ☁️ but suddenly lo and behold the heavens open and it's raining ☔️. But the worst is the wind!🌬 So unforgiving sometimes... However, yesterday was... Continue Reading →

“She’s got tickets…”

So.. First off! Heh! Just guess what ya girl's doing tonight? 😝 So at about 3 AM, through squinted eyes 💀 , as the dim light of laptop searing and burning my precious orbs; the angels 🙌🏾  sang from the heavens in the form of an email, from none other than Sue Breeezzzzzy!! And the show? *drrrrrruuummm... Continue Reading →

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