ENNAIRA, (formarly known as Arianne Murenga) is a singer-songwriter from Nairobi, Kenya, currently living in St. Paul, MN. Her musical inspirations are occurrences, events, and people, as well as emotional factors that may affect her life and the world around her. She is a very creatively-inclined soul, drawn to projects that will highlight this such as, writing, photography, art, musical theatre etc.

She graduated from Brookhouse School, where she was enrolled in the Business and Technology in Music (BTEC) program. She performed in various events and concerts such as “TEDx Brookhouse” with other BTEC students and even played the lead role of “Fantine” in the school production of “Les Miserables”.

She has also been featured on various albums such as the “Ying & Yang (BTEC Sessions Vol.III)” and “Love & Hymns” by Intricate Fusion. She has also featured in music videos like “Shine” by Amileena & “Haiya” by Yulia Raymond, as well advertisements for Safaricom Kenya and Jambo Jet. She was also a lead singer in an Alternative Rock band called “Morphosis”.

She interned at PHAT! Music & Entertainment Limited in Music Publishing but is currently studying at Mcnally Smith College of Music. She hopes to on to be a recording artist, as well as perform and write for/in musicals and theatre, film and television.


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