Same Me…Loading Update

🎊Happy New Year!!!🎉

Okay, so it’s 2018.
After thinking the world would end in 2012 (lol😂) and living through all the conspiracies, we made it! Next goal is 2020, which is in 2 years! Yeah we don’t have flying cars and the future the movies show us is still yet to come, but we’ve come far…

Personally this year I don’t want to say “New year, New me…💁🏾” I don’t have a New years resolution, ’cause I’d be lying to myself. What I do know is that I just want to be better. Better than the person I was last year.In all honesty, I’m a really lazy person, but I know that I want to try stop that.

A lot of things happened before the year ended, the one that affected me the most was my school closing😢. But I don’t want that to define me or hold me back, because life needs to move on… you know? I can ask, “why do bad things happen to good people?” but I think the flip side is… Everything happens for a reason. I may not know what the reasons are, but sometimes you just have to sit down and accept things.🤷🏾‍♀️

I know all the things I’m bad at… being inconsistent, being lazy, being hard on myself. Although I also know that I’m human. So I will allow myself that luxury. To accept fate for what it is and push myself to be the person I’ve always aspired to be. I want to look back at my life and be like, “Damn, I’ve come from far!” 😎

Everyone has their ups and downs and secrets we’d rather keep to ourselves and moments where we just wish we had been wiser.. but all those were teaching moments, and without them I don’t think as a person I’d have grown. I’m content right now😌. I’m content because I know I have so many mistakes to make, but I also have so many opportunities that aligned for me. Or I hope so.

This year, I will try (and note, i said try because sometimes you say you will do but don’t.) I will try to take all those bad things, and make them good. So let me let that software update myself check in progressively and learn to understand myself and the world progressively for what it is. I don’t have to rush into anything and if I am uncomfortable with something then I don’t have to do it. Your life is about you. So live the way you want to the fullest. Uncomfortable situations don’t mean it’s a bad thing, it just means it may be something new and hell! why not try it?

So I decided… it may be a new year, but I’m the same person. Except, I’m going to better myself for the future me that will appreciate all the trails, errors, and bullshit, and also the happy, amazing moments that come with it.

Once again, Happy New Year… 💜

Last words… I believe it’s not the things you do that make a moment or memory, but why you’re doing it.

Peace, love and 🍫 bars,

Ennaira 🙈


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