☔️”It’s raining, it’s pouring…”🌧

“…the old man is snoring,
he went to bed, and bumped his head!
And couldn’t wake up in the morning…”

Remember that nursery rhyme? That and,

“Rain rain go away,
come again another day,
Little children want to play…”

Ahh…the good ol‘ days! 🤔  Tee hee! 🙈
I say that like I’ve lived for ages… but nonetheless, they were just awesome to sing!

I bring it up because once again, it’s another rainy day in Saint Paul. Don’t get me wrong, I love the rain! Thunderstorms more so, because hello 💁🏾cuddle weather?! Then again, I don’t like thunder…hmm. 

As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to accept the fact that;

I am the old man, and the old man is me… and also those lyrics were really kinda dark. You feel?

I love being in the rain, let it fall, whether gently or mercilessly, I love to be inside, cuddled next to bae; some #Anime&Chill. Listen to the ever changing tempo, like a movement conducted by a drunken conductor. Hear the wind blowing through the trees – whispering, howling, crying, screaming! Hmm…

Can you hear it? 

So vibing off that.. well vibe, I wrote a song that takes these two classics, and put a twist on them. Make it more relatable. 

Special thanks to J Faye Music 😊

Ennaira 🙈


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