Mugiwara no Ichimi (麦わらの一味)#1: A Day in the Life…

I’m an oddball. Really, I am. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Here’s why…

Last week Tuesday, when it was much sunnier and nice out, I was inspired. By none other than Roronoa Zoro 💚

Roronoa Zoro 

My mornings usually are either,
a. accompanied by the musical stylings of Spotify and whatever playlist suits my mood that day, or,
b. Anime. Well… One Piecemost of the time. Lol.


Roronoa Zoro, also known as “Pirate hunter” Zoro, is a character from the Japanese anime One PieceワンピースWan Pīsu?. It follows the adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates (Mugiwara no Ichimi [麦わらの一味] ), and their journey across the Grand Line to find island Raftel and claim treasure One Piece. Formerly a bounty hunter, he was first to join the rather daft yet headstrong protagonist Monkey D. Luffywho is hell-bent on becoming the Pirate King 海賊王 Kaizoku-Ō(also called King of the Pirates in the English versions), and are both regarded as part of twelve pirates referred to as the Worst Generation. They were progressively joined by the other members, who were all harassed in one way or the other by Luffy until they joined; much like he was. Some would say his strength is almost super-human due to rigorous training as a child and fights using Santōryū 三刀流, – a technique he created which means three sword/blade style, using three katana, rather than one.

Straw Hat Pirates 

So there I am re-watching the Alabasta Arc, also known as the Baroque Works saga (I’m basically rewatching the whole anime) – and as I’m changing, I watch him battle while trying not wake up my roommate as I scream at the screenIt’s the point at which he really starts being in-tune with his swordsmanship and it’s just so BOSS!! Like, in the span of one battle, this guy transcends himself and starts to actually feel and hear the “breath” of objects and elements around him… and that’s not even the half of it. 0338B868-1731-452B-8ECA-6175BE3E1EEFAnyway… I digress. So…what do I do?

COSPLAY!!! Because, #WhyNot!?

Well… honestly, it was more inspired by his style but I did it, and I loved it. There a lot characters from the show I love, all with their own little special quirks and traits, but he is definitely like in my #Top5!
Now…you’re probably thinking, “What’s so great about cosplay?”

I love it because to me, it is the physical representation of the quote,

“You never really know a man until you understand things from his point of view, until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”
–  Harper Lee
To Kill a Mockingbird


His signature pieces are his three swords, which are bundled up with a green haramaki (items of Japanese clothing that cover the stomach). He has a black bandanna that he ties around his left forearm, usually only worn when things start to get serious in battle, and three gold earrings on his left earlobe.Roronoa_Zoro's_Current_Wanted_Poster He also has a bunch of battle scars, the most notable one being from Dracule Mihawk, his biggest inspiration and the greatest swordsman in the world (for now)…
His cropped green hair is another notable feature, which Sanji often teases him about, calling him “marimo” which means moss-head or moss ball, because he kinda looks like one. Teehee…

“I’m going to be the world’s greatest swordsman! All I have is my destiny! My name may be infamous…but it’s gonna shake the world!”

Before the time skip, he would usually wear a white shirt, with black trousers tucked into black boots and his haramaki, however, the colour of his shirt often varies from time to time in the arcs.
After the skip, he now wears a long, open dark-green coat, which exposes his bare chest, revealing his green haramaki underneath the coat. It’s held by a red sash at his waist, where his three swords are now tucked into and the bandanna is still tied around his left forearm. He also sports a new scar over his left eye, always keeping it shut.
How he got it? Nobody knows…  🎶 the troubles he’s seen! 🎶  🤣

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I tried to keep his general vibe, but still make it my own so…

For his signature pieces, instead of the green haramaki or the red sash, I used a piece of pink Vlisco fabric, with an arrow print in shades of blue. My dad would bring home different fabrics from Ghana – Accra, it was. I think…hmm.😬  I often use it as a head wrap, but it served the purpose, giving the outfit a more feminine touch, and made it more.. well me. Plus, the arrows are squiggly.😊  For his bandanna, I used a purple headscarf I got at the Musical Maasai Market at Junction before I left. Purple is to me what green is to Zoro. Although sometimes…most times I dress like a technicolour Kamba unicorn wearing prints threw up on me, shades of purple make my 💜  melt. Swords?… um. yeah. I wish!

I feel I was able to create a blend between his looks in relation to before & after the time-skips. I ditched the white shirt because it made me look more like something out of Pirates of the Caribbean, and instead went with a simple black tee from Rainbow, which I got when I first went to the Mall of America. He was featured wearing a black tee, during the Post-Enies Lobby Arc, which I like especially because we get a new straw hat, but it still feels kind of filler-ish to me. Weirdly enough I don’t have black trousers, 🤦🏾‍♀️ so I wore some sweatpants. These I got from a friend who was sweet enough to lend them to me when a group of us were chilling, and they just happen to find their way into my closet. 👀

Finally, for the cherry on top, I added a sheer green shirt given to me by my friend Yabe. I do own some of my own clothesI promise! Lol... It’s definitely, one of my favourite pieces to wear because it has different shades of greens, complimented by some blues and yellow. Since I don’t have green hair…yet 😏, I feel like it brought everything together, especially because of the fact his whole vibe is basically centred around the colour. Then, I threw on my black boots and a green jacket.


I was going for comfort and style rather than accuracy, tbh. But I feel it all came together well. It was fun, and something I definitely plan on doing again. But who am I going to cosplay next? That is the question…

If you’re a fan of the show or you just like anime in general, who are some of your favourite characters and have they ever inspired you to try out cosplay or influenced your style in any way? 🤔

Have any suggestions? Tell me!! I’m definitely down to cosplay a bunch more, especially with some of your faves. 💜  Until then remember darlings,

“You need to accept the fact that you’re not the best and have all the will to strive to be better than anyone you face.”
– Roronoa Zoro

Ennaira 🙈

P.s shout out to my awesome photographer and friend Sam Adamsson, who is always willing to deal with my weird ass…. 💜

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