The Confessions of a Self-diagnosed Insomniac…

It’s been an interesting set of days.. my weekend was as up and down as the weather that graces Saint Paul. First, it’s sunny and warm, ☀️ then foggy and grey ☁️ but suddenly lo and behold the heavens open and it’s raining ☔️. But the worst is the wind!🌬 So unforgiving sometimes…

However, yesterday was a really good day for a Monday. It was like one good thing after another. And today I woke up a bit frazzled by my alarm 🤗 but then remembered I have a 10 AM keyboard 🎹 lab.

You know the feeling you get when you know you get to stay in bed longer? 😌 Yup. I don’t even have to go for that class! We’re doing a unit test or something like that and my spot is on Thursday. 😝 So I don’t have to stress about being in school until 12 PM when I clock-in to work. 🎶 Gots to make that 🥓baaae-caaan🥓 🎶 
In general, I’ve been in a really good mood for the past for days and I’ve been wondering why? And apart from other factors that will be divided at a later time, I realised… Aii… I’ve been going to bed early.

And it clicked!

Aki sleeping early and just sleep is so good for you man! Eish! Who knew….apparently a bunch of people cause the do it too!!!

So here are 5 reasons* to sleep early:

  • It’s healthy! 

Yes yes, very good for health. Make you live longer. Contrary to belief (mine), sleep loss is linked to a bunch of serious health problems like ❤️ disease, diabetes & obesity. Stress could be one of the reasons you can’t sleep… and I’m pretty sure that can lead to high-blood pressure… which I’m pretty sure could lead to a 💔 attack… which I don’t think anyone wants… 😬

  • I can think 💭 clearly now…

The fuzz is gone…Yup. That confusion and fuzz you get after very few hours or a bad night’s sleep… not so much. Sleep deprivation makes it harder for us to perform simple logical tasks. I guess that’s why when you’re tired 😴, you’ll sometimes find yourself doing something that could kill ☠️ or you can’t remember what it is you were meant to do🤷🏾‍♀️. We all stay/ have stayed up for different reasons. Be it binge-ing, bumping at the club, or being productive. As a creative, this is when the cogs start turning and churning, and ideas 💡 seem to flow freely. Well, that’s how it is for myself. It’s when I more creatively aware. But the lack of sleep can take a huge toll on you. It can affect your performance and *sssegway to next point 💃🏾*

  •  Judy Moody? No More!

…Totally affect your mood!!! I can’t lie…eh nevermind that. Anyway, I’ve been a total grinch of late but the last few days my mood has really improved and even a few of my friends have noticed.

“Why is that?”

“Oh nothing really…I’ve just been doing this thing called going to bed early!”

People notice when your mood changes… even slightly sometimes. But it’s different when you notice because you get to realise how you were acting and reacting before. No one wants to be around someone who’s always negative or down all the time. It’s draining. And even though you don’t care 🤷🏾‍♀️ your still affecting those around you which comes back to you anyway…

🎶 what goes around…goes around..goes around comes all the way back around!! 🎶 

  • Let’s talk about….

Better sex apparently!!!! If you don’t get enough sleep, how can you expect to brag about “hour you could go for hours” or whatever it is people say these days… 😂 Some relationships tend to dwindle or lose their spark because couples just aren’t with it anymore… woii.

  • Forgetful much?

Yes. Very. And so imagine my surprise when I could actually remember some of the stuff that I struggled with before! Sometimes it’s not easy to recall certain things to memory like, that one thing the shopping for the house 🏡 (there’s ALWAYS that one thing on the list you’ll forget) or that show you wanted to see.

  • WHY NOT!!

Yes… that’s 6. I can count. But it makes the…. point 😂

Why not get some sleep. Take a nap. Settle down for a siesta…
Does this mean I’m not going to binge watch anime at 2 AM? No... You know your schedule best… so work with it.

As some wise guy once said,

“Early to bed, early to rise; makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

Benjamin Franklin


Ennaira 💜  🙈

*5 Reasons inspired by or you know… Google is your friend.

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