Never have I ever…



So, standing outside under a cloudy sky, late on a Saturday night 🌃 , we kinda huddled near the street, sparsely scattered with cars. Bitter-sweet moments, all fading away in clouds of cigarette smoke 🚬.. The quiet streets echoed with a dissonant tune of a heated car horn battle between two 🚗  irrational 🚙competitors, with the surprise of an unexpected third challenger ⁉️ and the chorus of giggles and bellows of bubbling laughter 😂.. Soon, a myriad of conversations, all intersecting falls upon the group. Someone shares a joke or comment and the whole group responds –  blah, blah blah…

So anyway, without delving too much into the details. In one of these passing conversations, one kinda caught everyone’s ear about getting sick of a cold or something like that. Thereafter, a silly joke was made about Ebola (haha🙄). But in the whispers of the wind, a comment floated by caught only by the targeted.

“She does.”img_0254

😲   😳   😳   😳   😳  😠   😐   😑   😶

Never have I ever…been so amused by someone’s ignorance.

My ego was telling me one thing, but my conscience was telling me… the same thing. But sometimes, the clap back 👏🏾  has to simmer. Sit on the pot for a good minute, time it just right… then heh!

I’ll just say when I did, it felt good👸🏾. My approach is b*tch-worthy, but not-so-subtle, snarky remarks that could pass off depending if you understand the situation.

I think about maybe 3-4 people understood that situation at the time.

Never have I ever… felt so much rage.

Honestly, I’ve it’s been a while since I’ve felt that much rage for a pers- no, wait…🤔  Eh. Anyway. Back to my rage. Well not – really rage, but just a complete shock on how ignorant someone can be. How someone can say something so stupid they don’t realise it could possibly be hurtful, even if it’s just a little. A bewitching brew of emotions; irritation😠 , confusion 😯 , anger 😡 , shock 😳  – all bubbling up inside and heating me up from the inside. My thoughts going a mile a minute trying to comprehend how? What? Why? What the Frizzle?! 🤷🏾‍♀️


The number of things I had done to that boy in my mind! Aki, Ma Ngai!!!!! He 👏🏾  he 👏🏾he👏🏾…. Let’s just say you would be seeing me home sooner rather than later.

BUT THEN! The child had the audacity to taunt me more as I was heading back to my room. Wolo lo lo lo!!! 🙌🏾

WE! Endelea kucheza na moto. 🔥

But after a while, I slowly started to simmer down and I was like. Whatever.  I felt nothing.😶  Because I realised, this is just the first of many such encounters. Will they kill me? B*tch please? 💁🏾 Kwani? ‘Cause you think your who?

You can cash me outside…how bow dah? 

The life of an ignorant a**hole is simple. Ah! What a life! Enjoy… 🖕🏾 (oops… 👍🏾  😅)
P.S. I don’t have time for you. #BoyBye. 👋🏾

But remember darling, stay in your lane. 🛣

✌🏾 Laters,

Ennaira 🙊  💜




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