“She’s got tickets…”

So.. First off! Heh! Just guess what ya girl's doing tonight? šŸ˜ So at about 3 AM, through squinted eyes šŸ’€ , as the dim light of laptop searing and burning my precious orbs; the angels šŸ™ŒšŸ¾ Ā sang from the heavens in the form of an email, from none other than Sue Breeezzzzzy!!Ā And the show?Ā *drrrrrruuummm... Continue Reading →


Never have I ever…

Hmm... So, standing outside under a cloudy sky, late on a Saturday night šŸŒƒ , we kinda huddled near the street, sparsely scattered with cars. Bitter-sweet moments, all fading away in clouds of cigarette smoke šŸš¬.. The quiet streets echoed with a dissonant tune of a heated car horn battle between two šŸš— Ā irrational šŸš™competitors,... Continue Reading →

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