“She’s got tickets…”

So.. First off! Heh! Just guess what ya girl’s doing tonight? 😝

So at about 3 AM, through squinted eyes 💀 , as the dim light of laptop searing and burning my precious orbs; the angels 🙌🏾  sang from the heavens in the form of an email, from none other than Sue Breeezzzzzy!! And the show? *drrrrrruuummm rrooolllllll annnddd crash! 🥁maxresdefault

Dangerous Woman Tour

Opening acts by:
Victoria Monet
Little Mix

Xcel Energy Centre
Saint Paul, MN

I feel I should explain. 🤗
One thing I’ve really come to love about going to a music college is this…

Once in a while, if you’re favourite artist’s in town, or a show where there were probs tickets left over – and you want to go, but have no means? There is always promise.🙏🏾

The emails usually pop up, quite nonchalantly – with the show’s artwork and some details about it. AND… ☠️ the unsettling feeling ☠️ of the next possible Hunger Games 🔪 . #NoJoke It’s like if you threw a steak at a bunch of starving dogs, deprived of social whims due to the inevitable black hole that is their gut..or wallet… (So basicallyme.) I may have.. diverted a little. HE! Aki though! Have you ever responded to an email so fast and then realised, they won’t see it till later? 🤣  That disappointment jo…but;

Here’s a valid list of reasons to go:

  1. It’s f*ckin’ 👏🏾  SPRING 👏🏾  BREAK! 👏🏾
    (I just keep saying this hoping it will give it some meaning #smh🙃)
  2. Ariana Grande 🙌🏾
  3. I’m going to be doing something… 🤔
  4. Ariana Grande LIVE!? 😳
  5. I get to go with Smithy… 😆 #TurnUp
  6. Um… f*ckin’ ARIANA GRANDE! 😶  😳  😵  😫  😝 😆 🤣  😂  😄

Okay. I’m good.  😎

Personally, I think she’s great.  Like, the girl can SING! I love her vocal techniques, maybe not all but girls got the runs. LOL! I mean she’s got some amazing runs. (those vocal thingies singers do with oooOOOoohhhh aaAAAaAhhhh shiii-) But she’s got a really strong set of pipes, HER RANGE! ugh! So beautiful I can’t. (so jealous.. can you steal someone’s vocal chords? I’d honestly go all Ursula on the girl!! #OneTime) And I’ve seen a bunch of videos of her live and she seems to have a good stage presence, good technique. I love watching other musicians/artists on stage!  Because as a musician myself, it’s like a learning experience as well as a performance by an artist I like. Talk about a #WinWin? 🏆

I enjoyed some of the music from her first few albums, songs like “Honeymoon avenue” ,“Right Here” ft. Big Sean from her 1st studio album, “Yours Truly”;,  and “Only 1”, and of course who can forget “Bang Bang” ft. Jessi J & Nicki Minaj 💜  from her 2nd, “My Everything” – just to name a few, will always be personal favourites of mine because they just sounded kinda retro and old skool 👾 . Her earlier music was nice and jammable, even though it had a bubble-gum processed feel to it. This can be argued however because that is what was more popular. Don’t tell me you never jammed to “The Way” ft. Mac Miller. #GuiltyPleasure!! Although , I love what she did with 😈  “Dangerous Woman”💃🏾. !!
The single itself (oh that acapella version! #dead 👻 ), and the ALBUM!!🔥 🔥, in my opinion, #litty! So, she’s had some not-so-great hits but she’s also put out some chart-topping chunezz. Yeah Yeah! So she sounded a little Mariah in the beginning… but you know.. we could be #petty and bring up incidences…😂 . Plus, I do feel like her sound has matured and has a different sound and vibe going of late. I dig it.🤘🏾

She’s also come from far…From those nickelodeon days that she honestly looks so #whitewashed, and now she seems more comfortable in her skin! 💃🏾 She’s slaying! 👸🏾 !
She’s a f*ckin’ bombshell AF! 💁🏾  A woman forging a path and creating a career for herself and staying STRONG💪🏾 ,being a total BOSS 💰 , and looking GREAT 👠  doing it – in an industry that can be so cruel, especially to women.

👏🏾   YES! 👏🏾    BOO!  👏🏾   DO  👏🏾   YOU!! 👏🏾

Anyway…super STOKED! I did/am doing a cover of “Side to Side” by Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj, that I will be releasing, although but there is a twist to it! So that’s my plan for the day. Then, just picking up my tix, and doing laundry! #Ugh! 🙄  Be sure to FOLLOW my socials below to catch that and the rest of my day! Let’s just see how it goes…🤷🏾‍♀️.

Oh but, remember darlings… 😉

                                                               “All the best things in life are free” 
– Luther Vandross.

Ennaira 💜  🙈

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Never have I ever…



So, standing outside under a cloudy sky, late on a Saturday night 🌃 , we kinda huddled near the street, sparsely scattered with cars. Bitter-sweet moments, all fading away in clouds of cigarette smoke 🚬.. The quiet streets echoed with a dissonant tune of a heated car horn battle between two 🚗  irrational 🚙competitors, with the surprise of an unexpected third challenger ⁉️ and the chorus of giggles and bellows of bubbling laughter 😂.. Soon, a myriad of conversations, all intersecting falls upon the group. Someone shares a joke or comment and the whole group responds –  blah, blah blah…

So anyway, without delving too much into the details. In one of these passing conversations, one kinda caught everyone’s ear about getting sick of a cold or something like that. Thereafter, a silly joke was made about Ebola (haha🙄). But in the whispers of the wind, a comment floated by caught only by the targeted.

“She does.”img_0254

😲   😳   😳   😳   😳  😠   😐   😑   😶

Never have I ever…been so amused by someone’s ignorance.

My ego was telling me one thing, but my conscience was telling me… the same thing. But sometimes, the clap back 👏🏾  has to simmer. Sit on the pot for a good minute, time it just right… then heh!

I’ll just say when I did, it felt good👸🏾. My approach is b*tch-worthy, but not-so-subtle, snarky remarks that could pass off depending if you understand the situation.

I think about maybe 3-4 people understood that situation at the time.

Never have I ever… felt so much rage.

Honestly, I’ve it’s been a while since I’ve felt that much rage for a pers- no, wait…🤔  Eh. Anyway. Back to my rage. Well not – really rage, but just a complete shock on how ignorant someone can be. How someone can say something so stupid they don’t realise it could possibly be hurtful, even if it’s just a little. A bewitching brew of emotions; irritation😠 , confusion 😯 , anger 😡 , shock 😳  – all bubbling up inside and heating me up from the inside. My thoughts going a mile a minute trying to comprehend how? What? Why? What the Frizzle?! 🤷🏾‍♀️


The number of things I had done to that boy in my mind! Aki, Ma Ngai!!!!! He 👏🏾  he 👏🏾he👏🏾…. Let’s just say you would be seeing me home sooner rather than later.

BUT THEN! The child had the audacity to taunt me more as I was heading back to my room. Wolo lo lo lo!!! 🙌🏾

WE! Endelea kucheza na moto. 🔥

But after a while, I slowly started to simmer down and I was like. Whatever.  I felt nothing.😶  Because I realised, this is just the first of many such encounters. Will they kill me? B*tch please? 💁🏾 Kwani? ‘Cause you think your who?

You can cash me outside…how bow dah? 

The life of an ignorant a**hole is simple. Ah! What a life! Enjoy… 🖕🏾 (oops… 👍🏾  😅)
P.S. I don’t have time for you. #BoyBye. 👋🏾

But remember darling, stay in your lane. 🛣

✌🏾 Laters,

Ennaira 🙊  💜