The Block

Okay…. I haven’t posted in a while I’m sorry. 🙏🏾 But my reasons are valid! (Much like my dreams. Thanks Lupita! 😂 )

1. School. 🙄

Okay…I can’t really blame everything on that. But, as the new semester rolls in, so does a fresh wave of anxiety, angst and absolute confusion. Especially when it feels like I was accepted to Hogwarts but the ironic twist is he who shall not be named actually wins.😐

Being back is fun, although my first week felt like I’d never left. Literally, it felt like the break never happened. And before I knew it, I felt like a kuku🐓  with its head cut off running around trying to figure everything out. And then all of a sudden we’re in February, and even though it’s like the second week of school, I feel like it’s been a month…


2. I’ve been stuck in a funk.

And if you write anything, be it poems, songs, books, sonnets, – whatever the frock lets your fingers flow freely. You know that there are times when this wave of blankness envelopes you everytime you think you have something, and when you try to force it out, it’s just horrible. And all you can think is “Why am I like this? What is happening?”😭

You feel me? Nah? Maybe that’s just me.

When I’m in a bad mood or I just feel iffy, sometimes no matter how much I try to write anything I just end up in a worse mood. 🤷🏾‍♀️ But my funk turned into more of a funky ki-vibe, so now I’m dancing to my own tune and I’m just trying to stress less and just let everything fall into place… be zen, you know? ✌🏾

Lol.. like that will last.

3. Works in progress…

I’ve also been trying to work on more original music. Grace your wonderful ears with a variety of tunes that will be stuck in your head for the week (#songbombed) 😝
So far, so good. I’m happy with what I have and just trying to build off those ideas.

Side note – I’m trying to find people to bounce ideas off and get some feedback. If you would like that, hit me up on FB, Down in my DM, whatever. 

Well, this is the end of this Public Announcement.. lol, but remember, stay chill.  😊

Ennaira 🙈 💜



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