So the holidays went by in a blur…literally (if you can remember the holiday weekend as clear as day, kudos to you), and the new year rang in with a flurry of fireworks, rib-aching laughter, and a banging headache that leaves you bedridden the whole day.

Yup. That sounds about right.

And now we have 2017! A year of playing hard and grinding harder. Everybody seems to have a mission, a goal or a plan and no time for nonsense (👏🏾  #Clapback season!! 👏🏾 ).
For something that people have been saying every year, “New Year, New Me” seems like a recurring mentality honestly. Personally, I want to say “New Year, Let’s see”. I have no idea what will come my way, but I’m willing to meet it head on and push through. I want to procrastinate less and find myself more.

Before 2016 (UGH!🙄 ) ended, I had to write a research paper for one of my classes on a topic of our choosing. Being the over-achiever I am 🤓 , I wrote about how willpower can make one successful in life. Is it something I believe?? Hell yes! And so the last line of my paper was, “If you will it and believe it, you will be it and live it.”
*Side note – This was the most draining assignment of my whole life because it was a really ironic joke as I had no “will power” to do the paper… but I got it done after a lot of coffee, a large can of Red bull (big mistake) and confusion. So YAY!

When I was younger..er, I had – and still have – so many dreams and visions for myself. I’d wish on stars, eyelashes, 11:11 and anything else that I believed would turn my dreams into reality. No lies, I still do. Lol 😂 !! But the difference between younger(er) Me, and the person I am now, is that I understand that as much as I may wish and dream – if I’m not putting in the effort and working for what I want, I won’t get it. Simple as that. They’ll be no magic lamp with a genie to grant my three wishes, and there will definitely be no fairy godmother to poof in from who-knows-where to bippity-boppity boo my booty all Cindrella-style. 💩

The 2017 effect is kicking in, and it feels good. It feels like a good year. But it will only be as good as you decide to make it. So go into it with POSITIVE VIBES (very important), a vision, and the will to slay your demons, haters, and all dem bad vibes, and rise from the ashes, like the Mother of Dragons in all her glory!! (because phoneix[s?] are awesome but cliche af… no offense) If you don’t watch Game of Thrones #sorrynotsorry.
I’m no expert on life. I just think if you do you, then you’re all good👍🏾 .Don’t fret about pettiness and all that. If you ain’t got the time for it! #Swerve! 💃🏾  And don’t apologise for cutting people from your life if all their doing is wasting your time, or surrounding you with negative energy 🙅🏾 . Remember darling, you were born into this world alone, and you sure as hell are leaving it alone.

😋  Happy New Year darlings! 😊

Ennaira 🙈  💜


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