Nineteen, Twenty One

21 is weird but it's also not. You feel me? I don't want to make this long. It first started as an Instagram post but kinda became a blog post. Lel 😂 I don't know why I'm so bad at blogging but when I do it feels very comforting. It also makes me realize I... Continue Reading →


Same Me…Loading Update

🎊Happy New Year!!!🎉 Okay, so it's 2018. After thinking the world would end in 2012 (lol😂) and living through all the conspiracies, we made it! Next goal is 2020, which is in 2 years! Yeah we don't have flying cars and the future the movies show us is still yet to come, but we've come... Continue Reading →

Battle of the Species: Me vs. Spider

Let me start by saying, I DO NOT have arachnophobia. I have never been afraid of spiders in any way or form (kinda). Actually, bugs in generally...wait, no. Let me rephrase that. Some bugs, don't scare me. Those species of bugs they keep finding, give me the creeps... and caterpillars.. and centipedes. Anyway, some bugs... bug me,... Continue Reading →

“She’s got tickets…”

So.. First off! Heh! Just guess what ya girl's doing tonight? 😝 So at about 3 AM, through squinted eyes 💀 , as the dim light of laptop searing and burning my precious orbs; the angels 🙌🏾  sang from the heavens in the form of an email, from none other than Sue Breeezzzzzy!! And the show? *drrrrrruuummm... Continue Reading →

Never have I ever…

Hmm... So, standing outside under a cloudy sky, late on a Saturday night 🌃 , we kinda huddled near the street, sparsely scattered with cars. Bitter-sweet moments, all fading away in clouds of cigarette smoke 🚬.. The quiet streets echoed with a dissonant tune of a heated car horn battle between two 🚗  irrational 🚙competitors,... Continue Reading →

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